How to Write a Descriptive Essay About Aunt: Detailed Instruction

Do you hate writing essays? You have to write one and have no desire to do this, right? Are you eager to get a high mark and make your classmates respect you or even be jealous? You are reading a right article! Why? That is easy. The matter is that in this article you are going to read about how to write a brilliant descriptive essay about your aunt. There are also some tips and pieces of advice that will definitely help you to write your perfect essay. Believe that your teacher will put the highest mark, if you follow everything that is written, of course.

Preparing for Writing Essay

That may seem a bit strange, but you have to prepare for writing your essay. Topically, a lot depends on how well you are prepared for your essay. Think only, can you build a house without any special equipment? The answer is obviously no. The same goes with essays. You will not write a wonderful essay that will deserve the highest mark without knowing a lot about the object of writing.

Gathering the Information

Frankly speaking, it takes much more time to gather the information than to write an essay. That is why here are some tips that will help you to gather as much information as it is possible in a not long period of time. This information is also precious for those who have no time and have to write this essay till tomorrow morning, for example. So, let get it started.

  • Make a plan. Firstly, you need to have a notebook or a pad with empty sheets of paper. Here you have to write a detailed plan of gathering the information. It can mostly consist of questions you are going to ask people about your aunt. It is the best decision to write a marked plan. That way, your notes will be organized and you will easily find everything that is needed.
  • Ask your parents. Your aunt is your mother’s or father’s sister, why not to ask about her? Moreover, one of your parents has been living some time with her and knows something interesting and extraordinary about her. That may be special hobbies or fascinating possibilities or talents. Just imagine adding a line like “She has a little scar on the left hand, as she used to saw since she was little and once she cut herself pretty badly, but did not tell anyone.
  • Ask your aunt. That seems to be the easiest as she definitely has something interesting to tell. Prepare specific questions. Ask about her hobbies, preferences, favorite activities etc. You can even ask about how her ideal evening has to look like or how she is treated by colleagues. Ask about her character traits and what kind of person she is in her opinion.
  • Note answers. Topically, that is a genius idea to note every answer, especially amazing and extraordinary ones, of some unexpected jokes. You see, you are going to forget something really interesting and valuable for your essay because you have not noted things you had to note. So, take a pen and some paper and do not be shy to note answers.
  • Think. Before doing all these things, do not forget to think attentively about questions you are going to ask, things you want to know and so on. Even if you suddenly remember something interesting about your aunt, be ready to note it. That means that you might need to have a notebook or whatever you use for noting with you wherever you go. That is why try to take a small one, which you can easily put into your bag.

The Beginning

After gathering all that is important, you can start writing. The beginning and the ending are the smallest parts in your descriptive essay. That way there is no need to write a lot in these paragraphs. Write nearly 40 words. In the beginning mention why you want to tell about your aunt and why she is a person a reader has to read about.

For example, write that today you are going to write about a wonderful person who always supports you in various difficult situations and can become a role model for many women. Mention that she is a person with unique own history and that is why a reader has to read this descriptive essay.

The Main Body

This is the longest part of an essay. That is why you need to write some paragraphs there. Here is a marked plan which will help you to write every paragraph.

  • In general. In this part where you have to write your aunt’s first name, maybe last name, her age and where she lives. This paragraph should not be long; it is enough to write 30 words of general information about your aunt.
  • Appearance. Here you have to mention everything interesting about her. Firstly, write about her body type, complexion, about some amusing beauty spots if there are any and just what you like about her figure. Secondly, describe her hair. Write about its length, texture like curly or wavy and color. Finally, you have to write about her face. Write about the shape of her eyes, nose, lips, you can even mention if she uses a lipstick and which color, and so on. Do not forget to write about a thing you like most about her appearance.
  • Character. Here you have to use your notes. Write as many character traits as you can, but they have to be interesting. You see, if you name ordinary traits like friendly, loving and clever, reader will stop reading for sure as it is boring. So, try to use as many extraordinary character traits as you can. For example, considerate, daring, adorable, responsible and so on. Do not neglect bad character traits. They have to be in your essay in order to make your essay honest as nobody is perfect. Neither is your aunt.
  • If you cannot think of anything that is special, find a way to show the regular traits in a special way; for example, instead of stating that she is funny you can describe how all her friends are always smiling around her. In case you want to show her kindness, add that story about a little kitten she once saved.
  • Job. Describe her working place, say if she likes or dislikes her job, how she is getting on with co-workers and if she wants to find something better than that place. That is quite fascinating to read about other people’s opinions about current job. However, in case she is a teacher in your school, you might want to omit this part or add a little sugar to it not to make anyone feel upset.
  • Hobby. Here is the most favorite part. In this paragraph try to mention only interesting hobbies like saving coins made in different years or collecting plush whales. You see, the more interesting these hobbies will be, the more chances there are for you to get a good mark.

The Last Paragraph

In this paragraph you only need to write why you love your aunt and it will be perfect if you say what character or body traits you want to have from her. Also say what role she plays in your life. For example, if she supports your decisions or maybe helps you with coping with school problems or ones with friends.


Now, you know how to write a descriptive essay about your aunt. So, do not waste your time, go and gather all the necessary information. Good luck!

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